Our Chicks Are Hatching!

We incubate chicken eggs every spring. This year, one of the 8th graders brought in 21 eggs from his farm. In the first part of the video, you will see him explaining the process of incubation and the growth chart of the chicks. God has given Gabriel a love for animals that is unparalleled! We are always learning new things from him 🙂 Later in the video is the hatching of our first chick! We ended up having 10 hatch this year. They will stay in our classroom all week and then go back to the farm with Gabriel. We love this time of year.
Here is a link with more info if you’re interested (and why wouldn’t you be? hehe!): http://www.kidfarm.net/

Ipads, and Laptops, and Phones…….Oh My!

If anyone had told me last school year how much we would have changed things for the current year, I probably would not have believed it! You see, we went from a school that prohibited students from bringing their technology to class, to a school that encourages middle and high school students to bring their phones, computers, Kindle fires, ipads, etc. We are doing things such as recording labs and using the videos as part of lab reports, collaborating with classes around the world, skyping, and blogging.
Exciting things are happening! Students are engaged – yes, engaged – in their education, learning in so many different ways. They are more involved in discussions, note-taking, and collaborations. How many people are aware that texting and tweeting can actually be beneficial to learning?
On top of all of this “technology explosion”, my fellow teachers and I have had the distinct pleasure of watching our students grow in their spiritual lives. They are working on a “Look What The Lord Has Done” project with a couple of schools around the globe. Calvary has been blessed. Now, it is our job to go out and be a blessing 🙂

Rock Our World 15 Family Night 11/11/11

What a great time we had with Rock Our World this season! Imagine our little school collaborating with students from all over the world! We got to collaborate with students from Oklahoma, California, Colorado, Japan, Iowa, and Dubai on garageband tracks. Each school started by setting 15 measures of drum tracks. We added a different sound each week, to a different school’s tracks. It was so much fun to hear what everyone else was doing. One week, we got to add sounds from our school. Since it had been raining for several days, we added rain to ours. We also added the wonderful sound of our administrative staff singing in the hallway! We got the 4th and 5th graders involved, also, and had them sing “Dynamite” with us to add to our tracks.

Each week had a different healthy food focus. The students were split up into groups for blogging and teaching. Each group had a different healthy food to focus on. When it was their turn, they taught the rest of us the health benefits and provided samples. It was exciting to watch the students’ make healthier choices throughout this challenge. They think more about what they are eating, make healthier choices, and talk more about whole grains. No health class has ever caused this much change! Rock Our World has been so good for us 🙂

The challenge culminated with Family Night, a live webcast around the world. We were able to watch each school being interviewed by Carol Anne McGuire, leader rocker! Alma Desnuda also perfomed live throughout the event. Our entire school got together to watch the event. We also had some visitors – Mr. Adkins, president of Ashland Community and Technical College; our pastor, Mr. Danny Sallee; Teri, friend of the church; and Mrs. Anita Martin, our dear friend from Grassland Community Church.

Ok – before you see our interview, here is what the rest of the world saw as our intro piece while the Rock Our World people were calling us on ichat:

Here it is – our interview!!! Hope you have as much fun watching it as we did being interviewed!




Rock Our World Lock – In

We had a lock-in to work on rock our world. We had a QR scavenger hunt; skyped with Australia, Poland, and Alma Desnuda; played outside until 2:30 a.m.; and ate and ate and ate! Some of our pictures are on the rock our world page of our blog.

We had so much fun with the QR scavenger hunt. We had to do things like: play duck, duck, goose with eyes closed; ballet with a lift; act out a movie scene; and blog.

We skyped with the band, Alma Desnuda, at midnight! They helped decide who won the scavenger hunt by having representatives from each team stand up and answer trivia about the song “Life We Got”.

Rock Our World Skyping and Working Lunches

We are having so much fun with Rock Our World! We have had the opportunity to skype with people from all over the world – California and Dubai to name a couple. Here are some pictures from our skyping and working lunches. Hope you enjoy them!

Adam and Greg skyping with our Rock Our World leader and her daughter. Very entertaining! I'm sure Mrs. McGuire and her daughter will never be the same!

Josh skyping with the leader of Rock Our World and her daughter. They spent a lot of time discussing coffee! They are in California, and felt so sorry for Josh not knowing where to find a Starbucks that they looked the address up for him! Needless to say, he tried the salted caramel hot chocolate they had raved about 🙂

Showing off our first garageband tracks!

We had watermelon during one of working lunches. We had stopped to buy it from a fruit and vegetable stand the day we went on a farmer hunt.

We celebrated Prince Harry's birthday during one of our working lunches - courtesy of Faith!

Rock Our World

We spent 3 hours working on Rock Our World today 🙂 This morning, we spent an hour working on the song with our music teacher! We get to record and and make our video on Friday!!! We also had a working lunch and talked about this week’s challenge – healthy bread. So…..we made pumpkin bread and banana bread and discussed the health benefits of each. Then came the best part – we ate the bread! hehe!!!